The Tusker Code

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The Tusker Code

Postby Suleiman Shouaa » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:47 pm

  • I am a PvPer, who earns my own ISK and buy my own ships and supplies. I engage in piracy when I wish to, in which case any ransoms I demand, or ransom offers I accept (clearly communicating the terms), I will honour.
  • I am a lifelong learner. I seek the respect of other pilots through mastery of the PvP skills, honouring any 1v1s or duels I agree to.
  • I appreciate the opportunity of flying with my fellow Tuskers. Tuskers learn from one another and Tuskers learn by doing. However, I do not need a gang to practice myskills, and can hunt solo with ease.
  • I don't smack talk - I respect all my opponents, win or lose, volunteering a "gf." I am free with my praise and advice with foes. I invite those with promise to consider becoming a Tusker.
  • If I invite someone into my fleet, or if I accept someone's request to join my fleet, they are safe in fleet with me. I keep my word.

Originally written by Ka Jolo, updated by Suleiman Shouaa 15/09/2017

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