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Van Ketris

Postby Van Ketris » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:01 am

1. How old are you, and where are you from (include your timezone)?

30 years old. I live in Charlotte, NC, USA which is EST US timezone. UTC - 5.

2. Why do you want to join the Tuskers? How did you hear about us?

How I heard about the tuskers? I have no idea, it's just a group that is known, I suppose. What peaked my interest in joining is two fold. The first reason being that my life is changing/has changed and I need to find a group that offers the type of pvp I enjoy, without me having to supply it entirely myself. I decided to look into you all primarily because I often use your fits in my own pvp. I like your style, especially the ability to adapt to changing meta and use tactics that aren't always quite so cookie cutter. As I got looking into your group more I was more impressed with the things I read than I expected to be.

3. What's been your EVE experience to date? In particular, what were your last few corporations/alliances; why did you join and leave them? Are there any other games that you play?

It started mainly for me when I joined Nulli Secunda and started getting more heavily involved in pvp. This was before IT alliance fell in delve, to give some time reference. I loved my time there, was heavily involved in leadership/FC, and was in charge of black ops departments and small gang pvp at various times. I had to go away for about 6 months and when I came back Nulli wasn't really the same group that I left. It got worse and I decided it was time to move on.

After that I decided to explore/expand my gameplay and spent time in many different places and with different groups. Some I intended to be experiments and others simply ended up that way after not working out. I ran my own corp, and got in charge of the alliance it was in. I spent time in stain, wormholes, and doing my own thing solo and while multiboxing. I spent time streaming as well. I always leave a group better off than I found it, and every experience has made me a stronger player in return.

My last group was an accidental directorship role. I joined a startup group doing the kind of thing I was considering doing solo and it took off alot more than I expected. I was offered director within a week and within 2 months we had formed a mini coalition of sorts and were doing quite well. The group remains doing well in venal, but my life no longer allows me to play much during their very limited prime time. That caused some issues with me being unable to really be present, but also still being in charge of their pvp. Some others stepped up a bit and thus it was time for me to let them figure it out without me interfering.

Before that I joined VOID(shadow cartel) but found out that the corporation was extremely dead, so I decided to leave.

I have spent a good bit of time as part of Good Sax in stain. They are very welcoming for people to come and go as they see fit, but again activity in that group is hit or miss and that area of space itself is very isolated on top of it.

I enjoy playing Warhammer II: Total War right now.

4. Please confirm that you've read The Tusker Code and will abide by it.


5. To prove you've got what it takes to be a solo PVPer, please link five solo kills outside of high security space including two kills against a more powerful ship class than your own (for example frig vs cruiser, or t1 frig vs t2/faction frig). Fights where you took on multiple ships of your own class (e.g. cruiser vs 2x cruiser) and came away with multiple kills also count. This isn't as hard as it sounds - if you'd like advice drop by The Tuskers Public Channel in game and we'll help you out. Video evidence (i.e. fraps) is also nice to see.

I use my alts a to use solo option on only my main on zkill, I found these, though I could probably find better examples if I searched better. Some of these are ones I remember well and could find easily.

1. Favorite fight ever. Lasted a while, some people reshipped.

2. Example of the many times I use a solo ship without scout and stir up trouble with gangs of 5-10 chasing me.

3. A nice micro management fight, if I remember I left in structure. Looks like noobs, but they had the tools/timing to take me down and were doing quite well for how awful their fits were.

4. My favorite kill of the, you think you know what I am, but you don't fits. This was when this concept was new.

5. After years of close calls/failures, I finally bagged my first completely solo carrier kill. Using alts.

6. Tuskers use Mumble to verbally communicate during gangs as well as socially. Can you confirm you are willing to install Mumble and own functioning headphones and a microphone?

Of course.

7. The Tuskers is a corporation for mains. We're OK with you having alts in other corporations for the purposes of making ISK, but not for PvP. Please confirm that the character you're applying with is your main, and let us know about any alts you have in other corporations.

Yes, I will be joining with 3 chars over 100mil SP. My other accounts/chars are for logistics/money making/cyno's.

8. Provide your API keys via this Google Form.

9. You need to have vouches from at least 2 active Tuskers. This is simply to maximize the chances of you finding the corporation a good fit and vice-versa. It's fine if you don't have these vouches before you apply - move into our wormhole (free ships are provided) or other active systems, fight against us, with us, join our public roams or jump on our comms and the vouches will take care of themselves quickly. As many Tuskers base out of our wormhole, we can give you access to the wormhole and provide you free ships until you acquire these vouches.

10. What experiences (if any) have you had in a wormhole and would you be interested in moving into one with a constant null sec & wormhole exit?

I have spent time in a couple of wormhole groups, and lived in a couple on my own as well. I am interested in that life. Part of the reason I'm interested in The Tuskers is because I like how you guys do different things with the same attitude. I like to mix it up and continue to change/evolve, but I never want to lose my desire to compete, and I only get true enjoyment from challenging myself. I have no time for the stagnant bittervet syndrome, that the rest of eve seems to be choosing to enjoy.

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Re: Van Ketris

Postby Ashnazg » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:43 am

Hey Van!

You've got some darn impressive kills there, very nice.

A major point in your app is activity, both on your and the corp's end; and we tuskers are as of now heavily EUTZ focused. We are getting more NA/AUTZ members, but it's a slow process. Before anything else you should take a very close look at the times our killboard shows activity and see if that's to your liking - we don't want to waste your time by pretending what we aren't.

What do you say? :)

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Re: Van Ketris

Postby Jaxley » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:02 am

Hi Van Ketris, thanks for applying.

Gotta agree with Ash; really impressive battle reports and kills.

You got it right that we're always looking to adapt and improve our tactics or develop new ones as the game moves forward, so in that regard Tuskers should be a good fit for you.

How did you skill the toons that would be joining our corp?

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Re: Van Ketris

Postby Van Ketris » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:50 am

I typically play early EU TZ and get plenty of opportunities to connect with EU players. I'm a bartender in real life, so USTZ primetime is when I'm busy at work. I can match up well with early EU, RUS, and late NA/AU TZ. My last group, however, was focused on the late EUTZ and in most cases by the time a roam started it was about time for me to get ready to leave. This was primarily an issue due to my leadership role, and having trouble being around enough to really push them into becoming what our vision for the corp was.

I'm not very picky on that front though. I have been in the past, but at this stage in my career I just want to join a group that shares the same style and attitude I do so that I can more easily accomplish things I cannot do on my own. I'm not against being a fully solo player, but I think this sounds like a nice opportunity to get a little bit of both at the very least.

My characters are skilled into pvp mostly. They are all three over 100mil SP, so they have most everything. I do have cap capabilities pretty heavily as well. Van Ketris, my main, was pure subcaps until very recently. I didn't even train for battleships on him until after 50 or 60mil SP. Fire runner is my highest SP char at ~150mil and he does my leadership boosting(I plan to train van into that soon) with how the boosts work now.

EDIT: I also see plenty of active times on kb that I would be around for. Including the 21:00 time that is hard for me, but can happen plenty.

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Re: Van Ketris

Postby Ashnazg » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:01 pm

I think you should join us in Chaos, our wormhole, then, for some getting-to-know-each-other - and chances to actually collect those vouches. Ask any Tusker ingame and we'll provide you with directions and even basic ships as required.

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